FOR LIBERTY AND EMPIRE: Remembering Sand Creek and Rethinking the Civil War

blackburn lecture flyer

Join us Friday, April 21 at 7:30 pm in the Park Library Auditorium for the a Blackburn Lecture Series Event. Ari Kelman, professor of History at UC-Davis will present For Liberty and Empire: Remembering Sand Creek and Rethinking the Civil War. A reception will follow the public lecture in the Terrace Room at the Bovee Center.

Review of A Misplaced Massacre: Struggling Over the Memory of Sand Creek:

A Misplaced Massacre…recounts and analyses the ways in which generations of Americans, both white and Native American, have struggled—and as the book’s subtitle intimates, still struggle—to come to terms with the meaning of the attack. It is an important book, and its most brilliant chapter, which follows the order of events at the opening ceremonies, in April 2007, of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, shows that positions taken by the various speakers on that day still echoed the differing views expressed a hundred years earlier by Chivington, Soule and Bent… Kelman provides a nuanced and virtually complete account of each of the chronological phases and of the eddying currents of opinion in the movement towards the opening of the Historic Site… The book functions as an instructive lesson in public history, and Kelman shows how the massacre positively intersects with its legacy.”—Mick Gidley, The Times Literary Supplement