History Department Students at SRCEE

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Our students will exhibit their research at the 25th Annual Student Research & Creative Endeavors Exhibition tomorrow Wednesday, April 11 from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm in Finch Field House. The exhibition is open to all. We hope you will join us to discover the latest research and meet our students!

Here is a list of the history department students' exhibits that will be available tomorrow:

  • From Tradition to Modernity: The Transformation of Japanese Martial Arts through the Meiji Restoration (Display #228)
    Primary Author: David Banas Jr.
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Demas
  • Misappropriation of African Culture in the United States: The Banjo (Display #229)
    Primary Author: Ryan Warriner, winner of the 2018 Robert Newby Award for Diversity Efforts (read the blog post he wrote for us on his research here)
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Lane Demas
  • Turnerism in Michigan - A Study of German Gymnastics and Political Thought (Display #230)
    Primary Author: Felix Zuber
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Lane Demas
  • Regime Change, Strategic Security, and the Revolution of 1688-90 in Scotland: The Role and Activities of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Privy Council, 1689-91 (Display #231)
    Primary Author: Gillian Macdonald
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Carrie Euler
  • Acontius’ Ideas in Favor of Religious Tolerance: Adiaphora, Fallibilism, and Freedom of Conscience (Display #232)
    Primary Author: Chiara Ziletti
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Carrie Euler
  • Allied “Luftgangster” and the German Population: The Mistreatment of Downed American Airmen in Germany during World War II (Display #233)
    Primary Author: Kevin Hall
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Eric Johnson
  • Occultism, Magic, and History. Jesuit Philosophers in the Seventeenth-Century Iberian World (Display #234)
    Primary Author: Carlos Hugo Zayas-Gonzalez
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Jonathan Truitt