How to Prevent an Epidemic like the American Colonists did

Our own Dr. Andrew Wehrman writes an article for On Second Thought Magazine titled "How to Prevent an Epidemic like the American Colonists did".  He shares the grisly details of early colonial medicine and the surprisingly-creative nine rules/policies the colonists used to prevent these deadly illnesses. 

History Major Receives Alumni Award


Abigail Diaz, who graduated in 2014 with a double-major in History and Anthropology and a minor in Museum Studies, has been named one of CMU’s “10 Within 10” for 2018

“I’m passionate about making museums welcoming for everyone,” she writes, “being a fierce advocate for my brother, who has disabilities. I’m proud that I have helped in some small part, within my sphere of influence, to break down systematic barriers of oppression that prevent all people from feeling welcome in museums.”

Congratulations, Abigail!

History Department Students at SRCEE

SRCEE Image.jpg

Our students will exhibit their research at the 25th Annual Student Research & Creative Endeavors Exhibition tomorrow Wednesday, April 11 from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm in Finch Field House. The exhibition is open to all. We hope you will join us to discover the latest research and meet our students!

Here is a list of the history department students' exhibits that will be available tomorrow:

  • From Tradition to Modernity: The Transformation of Japanese Martial Arts through the Meiji Restoration (Display #228)
    Primary Author: David Banas Jr.
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Demas
  • Misappropriation of African Culture in the United States: The Banjo (Display #229)
    Primary Author: Ryan Warriner, winner of the 2018 Robert Newby Award for Diversity Efforts (read the blog post he wrote for us on his research here)
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Lane Demas
  • Turnerism in Michigan - A Study of German Gymnastics and Political Thought (Display #230)
    Primary Author: Felix Zuber
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Lane Demas
  • Regime Change, Strategic Security, and the Revolution of 1688-90 in Scotland: The Role and Activities of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Privy Council, 1689-91 (Display #231)
    Primary Author: Gillian Macdonald
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Carrie Euler
  • Acontius’ Ideas in Favor of Religious Tolerance: Adiaphora, Fallibilism, and Freedom of Conscience (Display #232)
    Primary Author: Chiara Ziletti
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Carrie Euler
  • Allied “Luftgangster” and the German Population: The Mistreatment of Downed American Airmen in Germany during World War II (Display #233)
    Primary Author: Kevin Hall
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Eric Johnson
  • Occultism, Magic, and History. Jesuit Philosophers in the Seventeenth-Century Iberian World (Display #234)
    Primary Author: Carlos Hugo Zayas-Gonzalez
    Primary Faculty Sponsor: Jonathan Truitt